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Dear Reader,


America's oil and gas boom is underway.


And some investors are already set up with reliable income streams from an unexpected sector of the oil industry...


Thanks to over a decade of fracking, drilling, exploration, permitting and pumping wells from oil and gas companies across the United States and Canada, a handful of American pipeline companies are primed for years of solid gains and steady income.


And while I’ve been writing about this huge energy boom for years - it's finally becoming a reality on the ground. The oil is flowing. And I believe it will only get better.




Consider this: American pipeline companies have ALREADY outperformed the S&P by more than 9 to 1 since 1998.



And the run is far from over. That's before we really found out how much oil we really have...


This story really seems to get better every month.


On May 2, 2013 the US Geological Survey DOUBLED its oil projections for the Bakken formation - which is now considered to be the largest oilfield in the world – containing upwards of 3 trillion barrels of oil. That’s more than 4 times the amount of oil that Saudi Arabia has…


And that's just one field. There's also the Eagle Ford and Spraberry in Texas, the Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania, the Monterrey shale in Canada - the list goes on...


It’s such a huge transition in world oil production – which is why I call it “The End of OPEC.”


And I’m not the only one.



This increased production – and what I call “The end of OPEC” is spurring the bottom line of pipeline companies in particular. The oil has to move, and pipelines are far and away the cheapest mode of transportation.


According to analysts at, rail delivery is 3 times as expensive as pipeline delivery – at $15 a barrel for trains vs. just $5 a barrel for pipelines.


So it’s a no brainer. Oil companies use pipes as much as they can whenever they can.


And I’ve already heard from some folks who've received checks from America's amazing pipeline opportunity...


o   Like John S. who says “I am not sure how I would be paying my kids college tuition without”


o   Or Kim R. from Lake Parkfax, Minnesota who wrote, “I’m earning a 17.81% yield on my investment.”


o   And John S. from DuCroft, Delaware who says “They have never has never missed a dividend. When do you think they will stop pumping oil?”


The good news for John and other pipeline investors?


Goldman Sachs predicts the US could surpass Saudi Arabia as the world's largest oil producer by 2017...


So I expect the good news to continue for these pipeline companies.



Let me tell you how to get started.


Cashing-in on America’s Oil Boom


Hi my name is Ian Wyatt.


I’m the founder and publisher Wyatt Investment Research.


You may have seen me discuss income investing in any one of my numerous appearances in Barrons, Forbes, or MSN Money.


Or perhaps you’ve seen my advice and commentary in my Daily Profit newsletter...


Over the past 12 years, Daily Profit has helped more than 450,000 investors achieve a safe and growing income stream to help fund their retirements. 


But today, the most exciting trend in the world is happening right here in the United States – an amazing energy boom…


Geologists have known for years that we have plenty of oil in the continental U.S.


The problem? Until very recently, we couldn’t access it.


But new advances in an old drilling technique called horizontal fracking is unlocking billions of barrels of oil all across the U.S. … from Texas to North Dakota, and California to New York … and it is quickly turning the U.S. into the next energy superpower.


In fact, according to the International Energy Agency, America is sitting on over 1 trillion barrels of recoverable shale oil.



That’s FOUR times more oil than Saudi Arabia …


Almost SIX times more than our neighbor to the north, Canada …


TEN times more than the United Arab Emirates …


And all this oil is transforming the energy woes that have plagued this county over the last few decades.


As Bloomberg reports:  “The U.S. exported more gasoline, diesel, and other fuels than it imported in 2011 for the first time since 1949.”


In fact, we’re about to be pumping out so much oil that by 2017, the U.S will  become the world’s top oil producer!


Which is probably why Warren Buffet recently poured $26 billion into a major play on this energy boom.
And hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman just invested a billion dollars into a deal of his own.

But it’s not just the big boys who are capitalizing on this trend.


There’s thousands of regular American’s reaping windfall profits off every barrel pumped out of the ground.


You see, for every barrel these oil companies pull out of the ground, they’re required to pay a small fee to the people who own the land on and near the oil patch.


And that small fee is making thousands of everyday Americans rich.


Major publications like The Wall Street Journal, Barrons, USA Today, and ABC News, have all recently written about this economic boom … and have profiled the success stories popping up all across the country.


Like Allen and Debbie Francis from Kansas.


For over 20 years this couple struggled to make ends meet farming wheat on a small patch of land.


But now thanks to the oil shale boom, they’re set to receive up to $125,000 dollars in a single month from this wave of wealth moving across the U.S.

Or Judy B., a former administrator who recently received a $160,000 check thanks to the oil boom.

In fact, we’ve uncovered hundreds of examples of struggling retirees who have are now living comfortably thanks America’s oil renaissance.


o   Mark Nesheim, from North Dakota, is already collecting a fortune.  He said “I’ve already collected three times more than I used to make in a year.”


o   "We put our kids through college with that oil money," said Harold Lorene from Little Rock, Arkanas.

o   And Derald H. from Oklahoma says “It’s hard not to be a millionaire these days.”


But here’s the thing: it’s not just the land and mineral rights holders in these areas capitalizing on this wealth explosion.


Because thanks to a little known law passed over 25 years ago by Ronald Reagan … it’s never been easier to grab your piece of this economic explosion … and secure the rich and easy retirement of your dreams.


Let me explain …


How the last Energy Crisis
helped create your pathway to

energy riches


In the early 70’s, huge government deficits from the Vietnam War and pressure on the dollar caused president Nixon to end the gold standard … unleashing America’s first attempt to print its way to prosperity.


But America’s monetary excess led to severe food inflation in the Middle East and the newly formed OPEC cartel decided to get revenge.


They instituted an oil embargo against America and vowed to cut production by 20%.


As a result, oil prices soared.  Higher energy and commodity prices caused skyrocketing inflation and a depressed economy.


The government imposed wage and price controls which caused gas shortages around the country.


The embargo was eventually lifted and prices slowly returned to normal until a crisis in Iran caused the country to suspend its oil exports.


This caused the second oil crisis in less than a decade as oil prices spiked over 250% in just 12 months.


Vowing to never see another energy crisis of this magnitude … the U.S. government devised a plan to help encourage domestic and energy production.


In short, they created a special “tax-loophole” for individuals and companies investing in drilling, transporting, or refining America’s domestic energy supplies.


And this is why pipelines and other similar “middle-men” businesses in the oil sector are skyrocketing – and paying fat dividends in the process.


That’s probably why one Credit Suisse Senior Analyst calls these pipeline companies, Wall Street’s best kept investing secret.”


And why everyday investors who’ve gotten in on this investment have seen a huge boost to their retirement …

o   Like John Peterson from Delray Beach, Florida who says, “I’ve made almost $20k already … and this train doesn’t look like it’s going to stop.”

o   “They are a great investment,” says Barry L. from San Jose, California. “As income producing assets they can't be beat.”

o   Or Karen H. from Norfolk, Virginia who says, “It’s grown so nicely, my yield is about 16%. Plus, I’m up about 150% on capital gains.”

o   “For retired people like myself, they are good to hold through bad times because they pay their distributions [even] when the market goes down - like in 2001 and 2008,” says Patrick B. from Baltimore Maryland.

Now let me be clear: I’m not telling you this program will make you an overnight millionaire like some lucky individuals in the oil boom.


But these pipeline companies have been spinning off truly remarkable returns for over a decade … returns have absolutely crushed any other retirement program that I know of. 


America’s “Pipeline Index” is up 1,400%!



Since 1996, pipelines returned over 1,400% compared to 166% for the S&P … that’s more than an 8 to 1 return over this growth index.


But that’s just the beginning …


Over the past 16 years these same companies have increased their annual payout by over 750% … handing investors $213,570 dollars in income for every $25,000 invested!


Consider this… an average American retiree will pay $345,000 into Social Security for over 40 years … just to receive a puny $1,177 a month payout … that’s a measly $14,124 a year.


Even if you collect for 20 years you will still only get back $282,400 … a return on investment of negative 19%.


But, like I said before over the same period of time a small $25,000 investment would have paid you back $213,570 in income …


Plus, you’re initial capital would have grown to $350,123 … for a total return of $563,693!


Think about that.


That means a mere $50,000 investment in
the average pipeline company could have handed you a $1,127,386 total return …  and this amazing investment could continue  to grow and pay you more each year!


And if you reinvested those dividends the returns could be even higher!


Plus, like I said earlier, this sector has never decreased its payouts.


And in 2008, during the worst financial crises since the Great Depression, payouts went UP by almost 10%.


How is this possible?


Simple.  Just like the landowners who get a paid a small royalty on each barrel of oil pumped on their land … these “middle-man” businesses benefit from pipelines that transport the oil from the fields to the refineries … and they collect a fee for every barrel they move.


In fact, they get paid $5 for every barrel that passes through its 75,000 miles of pipeline…


If the price of oil is $100, it gets $5 … if the price of oil is $35 it gets $5 … and the oil drillers are willing to pay because it’s still cheaper than the alternatives.


This is why this type of company is not exposed to the volatile ups and downs of energy prices … its ability to payback shareholders is solely dependent on how much oil is being pumped and moved across the country.


With China, India and the other emerging markets quickly demanding greater amounts of energy to run brand new televisions, cars and dishwashers …


It’s clear that the world is going to continue to use more and more oil.


In fact, the International Energy Agency predicts we’ll need an additional 35 million barrels of oil per day - that’s about 40% more than the world is currently consuming – just to meet this growing demand


And the best part is that America is sitting on the mother lode. 


This means more and more barrels will be flowing through these pipelines handing investors bigger and bigger paydays.


That’s why I think this sector is one of the safest and quickest ways to grow and protect your retirement over the next 10 years or more …


But I’m not the only one …


Jack Morris from Burlington Vermont recently said this about oil pipelines “I started investing about 15 years ago and I’m up over 100%, plus I am getting more than 16% per year yield.”


Lester J. from Wichita, Kansas who says “I’ve been getting 13-14% returns each year”.


Mark S. from Portland Oregon says “My [pipeline] investments are by far the best total returning asset class I own.”


And Jarred R. from Oxford, Mississippi says “There is a true energy revolution underway and I feel [this pipeline investment] is the best way to capitalize on it.”


But you do need to know one more thing before you get started …


Surprisingly this retirement program comes with some unique tax advantages.


In fact, you may be able to defer up to 80% of all the income you earn on these special investments.


Because the tax treatment is different than buying dividend stocks or bonds you will need to know some additional information …


And I’ve prepared an in-depth research report, with all the details you need to get started.


It’s called Pipeline Profits: How America’s Energy Boom Could Pay for your Retirement.


There are over 75 different “pipeline” investments …


And almost all of them have a long track record of paying growing, above average yields.


In this special report I’ll name 2 of the best programs poised to capitalize on America’s energy revolution … which should offer you the safest, highest payouts.


You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started and all the details on how much you can expect to earn over the next few years.


Even better, I’m going to show you how you can claim this report free of charge …


Let me show you how …


What You Need to Know to Get
Started Right Away


As I told you earlier, my name is Ian Wyatt, Founder and President of Wyatt Investment Research - one of the nation's top independent investment research firms.


Over the past decade, I’ve helped over 450,000 readers around the world find the safest, most profitable under-the-radar investment opportunities.


In early 2011, I recognized that this era of dismal interest rates was here to stay … and if you want consistent and substantial income - you're not going to get it from traditional income investments...


So I set out to find the investments that could safely beat the dismal yields treasuries, CD’s and bonds were providing.


Here’s just a sample of some of the gains I’ve shown subscribers recently:


All told, as of March 15, 2013 I have 25 open positions in my portfolio and 20 of them are winners, and the average yield across the portfolio is 8% …


That’s 4-times more than 10-year treasuries …


Almost 10-times more than a 5 year CD …


And almost 3-times more than the average Dow stock …


That’s why I’m happy to receive comments from my readers like ...


Danny C. who says “I’m up 23.7% in seven months.  I thank you for this valuable information. The subscription has more than paid for itself this year.  Thanks!”


Or Tanya R. who writes “I have been keeping up with your amazing, informative, investment subscription, for well over 2 years. I thank you for opening the window of opportunity to the average investment consumer!”


And Jim C. who states “I love your advice, I now own 4 of your recommendations and am happy with them all. If I had more money to invest with, I would buy as many of your recommendations as I could.”


But of all the income opportunities I’ve uncovered so far, none of them compares to this pipeline opportunity.


Simply put – if you’re interested in profiting from America’s energy boom, this is the easiest and safest investment you can make today.


Which is why I’d like to give you free access to my full report 
Pipeline Profits: How America’s Energy Boom Could Pay for your Retirement … free of charge.


But first let me show you another unique retirement program that I’ve recently uncovered that could help you immediately …


A little-known retirement plan sponsored by the world’s
largest blue-chips


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a consistent high yield from some of America’s best companies without worrying about the ups and downs of the stock market?


Well after years of research, I’ve found a unique way to boost your income without investing in these shares, and without any fancy options methods or expensive bonds.


It’s a little-known investment that hasn’t missed a payment in over 93 months … that’s right they continued to pay out month after month even through the big crash in 2008.


Now let me tell you right up front, this is a real estate investment … but it’s a very special class of real estate investment.


You see this “landlord” only signs long term leases with the world’s best tenants … major American corporations like Corning, T-Mobile, Penzoil and Sara Lee and many others business I'm almost certain you're already familiar with.


The great thing is, these tenants always pay their rent on time.


And it goes without saying, that they're far more reliable and financially secure than just about any other tenant you could find.


Not to mention this landlord has struck a pretty amazing deal with them.


You see, he's made Corning, T-Mobile, and the other tenants agree to cover 100% of the property tax, insurance, maintenance and repairs on the their rental properties.


And on top of that, this landlord is currently enjoying a 98% occupancy rate.


This is probably why Reuters recently called this unique real estate investing secret …



"...The Easiest Play on the Real Estate Market"

- August 2012



And why so many investors are thrilled by the returns they’ve been seeing, like...

  • Hilda Trebert of Gorham, NH who opened her mailbox on May 17, 2012 and found yet another monthly "rent check" in the amount of $4,734.

  • Or Max B., 57, a retiree in of Cape Canaveral Florida, who just collected a "rent check" in August worth $404.88. And after talking it over with the landlord, he thinks his next "rent check" could be even bigger.

  • Or Archie P., 57, of South Bend, Indiana who collected another "rent check" for $1,200 in July... without ever having to think about 3am plumbing catastrophes or security deposits.

  • And J. Hawks, 52, from Brooklyn NY, who regularly receives "rent checks" of $1,926 - and never worries if tenants will pay rent on time. (He knows they will.)

The great part is, just like my favorite pipeline investments, this company continues to payout its investors no matter what happens to the price of real estate.


It also receives certain tax breaks that require the company to pay up to 90% of their revenues to stakeholders.


Plus, as an added bonus, they also pay yields that are high above almost any other conventional income investment.


To be honest, this is one of the safest and most profitable income opportunities I’ve come across in some time.


Which is why I’ve prepared a special report detailing everything you need to know to get started.


It's called "Be a Rich Partner, NOT a Busy Landlord".


And it will show you the exact steps you need to take TODAY to start collecting "rent checks" of $500... $1,000... or even $5,000 a month.


And I want to show you how you can access this second report, also free of charge.


It’s simple and easy, all I’m asking is you try my research advisory service High Yield Wealth for the next 90 days risk-free.


Let me tell you more about it …


Here's What You'll Get When You
Start Your Trial


I started High Yield Wealth with one simple goal in mind, to show my subscribers the safest, most profitable income producing opportunities in the world.


In each issue you'll discover my favorite high-yield investments … each with the potential to boost your income high and above investments like CDs, treasuries and bonds for many years to come.


And quite simply, there's no better way to collect extra income than with special opportunities I recommended in this letter.


As Tracy R. from Savannah writes, “You’ve allowed me to take advantage of tremendous investment opportunities that were once only available to investors with substantial amounts of money and insider knowledge.”


Or Bernie S. who says “I’ve already made an $1,800 profit on a $6,500 investment. I think we will see another dividend increase this year and possibly an extra dividend like last year.”


And Vincent L who wrote us a few months ago, “To date, my statement shows a gain of $1,664.64 and a yield of 8.49 %. This investment is way ahead of any other holdings I have at this time.”


That’s the main goal of High Yield Wealth.


To show you the types of income investments that trounces conventional income investments like treasuries or CD’s.


With the Federal Reserve printing over $85 billion each month … you simply can’t afford to sit back and watch as inflation eats away at your puny yields.


That’s why my research team and I have worked diligently to bring these types of income boosting investments to you, and I believe you'll find that the High Yield Wealth service is one of the most profitable and easy-to-use investment resources you'll ever encounter.


And our goal is to help you get paid every month which is why we’ve even put together the Monthly Dividend Calendar.


Inside this special bonus report, you'll discover the steps you need to take to ensure you always collect a regular monthly income, including:

  • How to set up a “dividend ladder” and three top income investments that will send you a steady stream of monthly checks.

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  • When you'll receive each dividend payment!

Here at Wyatt Investment Research, we’re dedicated to finding you the very best high yield opportunities to help you reach your goals …

And not only that, we want to make it as easy as possible for you ...

Which is why even professionals follow our newsletter like Tom R. who told us, “I manage a Income Portfolio for our small firm.  I have several 30-50% winners and one that’s already up 81%! Thanks for the recommendations.” And regular investors are also having success, like …

George S. who says “I’m up over 200 percent my original investment!”

And George B. who writes “I’ve been paid approximately $3K in dividends along with a gain in value of $7,350, for a total return to date of $10,406.  Thanks for the great recommendation!”

Now let me show you how you can receive these same benefits in your own retirement account …


Is High Yield Wealth

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If you're interested in getting the full details on how to start your own
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So here's what I propose:


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Good investing,

Ian Wyatt
Chief Investment Strategist
High Yield Wealth



P.S. This American energy boom story changes every day - and while I expect years of healthy income from my two favorite pipeline companies, I can't reasonably expect the price of their stocks to stay within my buy target forever. So here's what I recommend: take a free trial, read my report and see if these companies are right for you NOW - and if they're not, simply cancel your order and get a full refund.


Click here to get started immediately.





* Investing in stocks carries certain risks for loss just as much as it presents opportunities for rewards. While each of the stocks in this new investment report has been thoroughly researched by professional analysts, investors are advised to perform their own research and due diligence before investing. Future returns claims made in this promotion are based on calculations and evaluations made to the best of the ability of High Yield Wealth research analysts, however they CANNOT be guaranteed and should not be considered as such.