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Dear Investor,


It's no secret that oil companies are doing very well these days.


The fact is some are doing even better than what's officially reported.


I've analyzed many oil stocks and found one company that has delivered regular dividends more than 10x the published rate.


They've been doing it consistently, including delivering dividends worth 20x the published rate one year.


Few people know about this (I'll let you know why the real dividend rates are not announced). If you're looking for more income -- and who isn't with CDs and savings accounts yielding next to nothing? -- you should consider getting in on this before the next payment.


Here's the information on this company and its secret bonus dividend you won't get anywhere else, but you will today...

Billionaire Brothers


The story of this oil company begins with two billionaires in the early 1990s (doesn't it seem like billionaires and oil always seem to go together?). Their names are Bob and Larry. They are billionaire brothers who wanted to put their money to work for them.


So they looked for a business that produced hefty dividends. They found it and got in at the right time. The business?


Offshore oil drilling.  


Now when many people hear of offshore oil drilling they think of BP's oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2010. Did you know that even with that disaster, Transocean, the drilling company involved in the incident, achieved record profits for the first quarter of 2011?


That's how profitable this business is.


And as the price of oil has soared (and even with intermittent pullbacks, expect the price to be high for years) the offshore oil drilling business only gets better.


The company I am telling you about was not involved in Gulf oil spill, and in fact, most of its offshore drilling isn't even near the U.S.


The Saudi Arabia of Offshore Drilling


A good deal of this company's drilling is in oil friendly South America -- in particular Brazil.

More than 90% of  Brazil's oil production is offshore in very deep water (I'll explain in a bit why that is so important), and recent discoveries in the Tupi oil field off of Rio de Janeiro have made Brazil the Saudi Arabia of offshore oil.


In his visit to Brazil in 2011, President Obama expressed U.S. interest in Brazil's offshore oil bonanza:


"By some estimates, the oil you recently discovered off the shores of Brazil could amount to twice the reserves we have in the United States," President Barack Obama told Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff at a meeting in Brazil:


"We want to work with you. We want to help with technology and support to develop these oil reserves safely, and when you're ready to start selling, we want to be one of your best customers," Obama said.


Indeed, just that one deposit President Obama was referring to, the Tupi oil fields, is the largest oil deposit discovery in the Western hemisphere in more than 30 years.


As the U.S. strives for less reliance on Mid-east oil, buying oil from Brazil is a highly attractive alternative.


The key competitive advantage
of deep water rigs


One of the reasons the Brazilian oil industry is relying on this company is that most of the oil in Brazil is in very deep water.


How deep?


Well first they must go down through 6,000 to 9,000 feet of water to access the sea floor...


Then through 6,000 feet of rock...


Then push further through a layer of salt that's another 6,000 feet deep...


Then finally, at a depth of between 18,000 and 21,000 feet they'll hit the oil reservoir. That's the equivalent 3 and 1/2 to 4 miles down.


Oil at this depth is extremely difficult to extract and requires special deep sea rigs. The company I'm telling you about has one of the largest fleets in the world of semi-submersibles and high -- specification rigs capable of drilling in very deep waters.


So it's not surprising it has more offshore rigs working in Brazil than any other company. And it a large offshore oil drilling rig provider for Petrobas, Brazil's biggest oil company.


This is a key competitive advantage when you consider that a new deep water, offshore rig can cost a whopping $500 million. Very few companies have the resources and expertise to build new deep water oil rigs.


The company achieved its equipment advantage early on in the development of the offshore oil industry. Soon after the billionaire brothers first formed the company, they amassed a large fleet of topflight rigs with their purchase of a competing drilling company.


The family that inherited the company -- this is the kind of company you keep in the family for generations -- has continued the practice of  buying when prices are good, and has upgraded its inventory of high-tech, deep water oil rigs to remain in the forefront of the industry.


So it's no wonder that when it comes to deep sea drilling, Petrobas, along with other big oil companies with deep pockets, turns to this company for the rigs they need. 


Deep water oil rigs can mean juicy dividends

for you, starting today!


Here's why the company's fleet of deep sea oil rigs can mean fat income checks for you.


With oil prices high, oil companies are willing to invest money in offshore drilling, especially in places like Brazil with proven offshore reserves.


That means leasing special offshore rigs.  Day rates for high quality, deep sea rigs can run over $700,000 day.


When you calculate that this company leases out a whole fleet of expensive rigs, you can see how this adds up to a raging river of income flowing day after day, month after month to this company's bottom line, and by extension, to your bank account.


The company has a stated policy of sharing its good fortune with shareholders:


"We've got a long history, going back, have paid out significant sums of money to shareholders. And that continues to be something that we value highly," the company's CEO stated in a recent conference call.


While distributing dividends to shareholders is a valued corporate policy, there is another reason why the company continues to offer high dividends.


Golden Goose Dividends


Insiders (basically the family that inherited the company) own over 50% of the shares. This company has been a golden goose for the family -- delivering dividends like clockwork.


As an investor in the company you too can share in this golden goose. You can expect regular dividends to remain healthy and consistent -- a steady stream of income for you -- no matter what.


And it gets even better. Remember those special, unannounced dividends I mentioned?


You can pretty much count on those to continue also. You see, company insiders want those additional dividends, too (who wouldn't?!)...and business continues to boom.


After all, oil companies drilling in deep seas have little choice but to lease expensive deep sea oil rigs -- and our golden goose company pretty much has a lock on those massive rigs.


Why the real dividend remains unannounced,
and how you can get it


If you look up the company's upcoming dividend, you won't see the real dividend. You might ask why keep a good thing under wraps? Why not announce the real dividends?


By not publicizing the bonus dividend, the company maintains operational flexibility. You see, oil drilling is a highly variable business. This way the company is prepared to adjust to big changes should they occur. 


Yet the company has been delivering an unannounced, special bonus dividend that is added on to the announced dividend since early 2006: that's during the market highs, during the market crash, and continuing onward. And as I've noted, this special bonus dividend has typically been more than 10x the announced dividend (it's even delivered special dividends as high as 16x the published amount).


Strong cash flow, low debt, and concentrated insider ownership all point to a company you can keep counting on for these special bonus dividends.


Icing on the cake


Regular dividends plus rich bonus dividends can fill the plate of anyone looking for additional income. But make room for stock appreciation on top of that.


The stock price could easily double (based on current prices). All it has to do is hit a previous high again and you'll double your investment (based on the stock price at the time I write this).


And with oil prices in a long-term upward trend, I expect share prices to continue to rise... right along with your steady stream of regular and bonus dividends.


You really can have your cake and eat it.


Money in your pocket every quarter


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  • Expectations for increased dividends for the rest of this year

  • More details on the company's close relationship with Petrobas
    (This is significant when you consider that  Petrobas  is now the third most valuable publicly traded energy company in the world and operates 20% of all offshore production facilities in the world: almost 4 times as many as BP.

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