The Federal Reserve is Setting Up the Biggest Bond Rout in History. Here's How to Protect Your Wealth...

PIMCO's Bill Gross, a.k.a. the Bond King, is the biggest bond investor in the world.  He recently revealed that he has sold all of his U.S. Treasury Bonds.

He knows full well that Treasury bonds are about to make a huge move lower in price in less than 3 months. Why?

First, the Fed has bought 70% of the Treasury Bonds issued since September 2010 as part of its QE2 policy. Second, the Fed will stop buying Treasuries in less than 3 months.

Now, if you're wondering who's going to step in and buy Treasury Bonds when the Fed stops, then you're asking the right question. The answer is: nobody.

Japan and China are traditionally the biggest Treasury buyers. But Japan has massive rebuilding to do. And China is actually running a trade deficit, which means it's no longer raking in cash.

The truth is: there's nobody to buy the trillions of dollars worth of Treasury Bonds issued every year. And that can only mean a sharp drop in prices.

And right now is the perfect time dump your Treasury Bonds and get your money into more lucrative assets that pay 7%, 8.5%, even 10.8%. That's because Japan is driving lots of cash into the temporary "safe-haven" of Treasuries. Prices are at a 3-month high.

But it isn't going to last. In less than 3 months, Treasury prices should drop 10% lower than they are right now. Maybe more. . .

I know, that doesn't give you a whole lot of time to act. That's why I've prepared the following free report to help you create high-yielding investments that will actually safeguard and grow your wealth after the Fed is done destroying Treasury Bonds. 

Collect 10.8%+ Cash
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The Great Dividend Bull Market has begun, and dozens of cash-rich companies are rewarding shareholders with huge payouts.

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Fellow Investor,

Dividend income is the #1 key to the creation -- and survival -- of many of the world's great fortunes. Carnegie, Rockefeller... Smith and Jones...

That's right, with a steady income stream from dividend stocks, you can enrich yourself, and future generations of your family And right now -- at the outset of a 30-year Bull Market for dividend stocks -- is the perfect time to get started, because...

Dividend payments are on the rise.

It's a race to see who will pay the biggest dividend.

In 2010, 1,729 companies increased the amount of money they paid to shareholders in dividend payments. That's 47.6% more than the 1,191 companies that increased dividends in 2009, according to Standard & Poor's. And this trend is continuing...

The time to safely lock in your own steady stream of dividend payments is finally here.

Because the cash dividends you lock in now could double and triple in the years to come...multiplying your cash payments!

In a minute, you'll learn how to reliably lock in 7%... 8.5%... even 10.8% payouts... (my top-rated cash cow is paying out 10.8% right now!)...

But first, it's critical to understand that NOW is the time to move on top dividend stocks...

The Dividend Trend is
Your (Best) Friend

There's no doubt that the financial crisis was tough on dividend investors. (Heck, it was tough on all investors!) Thousands of companies reduced -- or even cut altogether -- their dividend payments.

Even in 2009, after the financial crisis had already taken its toll, 804 dividend payments were cut by public companies -- costing investors another $58 billion.

But that trend is officially over.

And a new dividend bull market is starting. Companies are eager to start rewarding their shareholders with cash dividends again. And you stand to benefit greatly...

Standard & Poor's also reports that U.S. companies added $26.5 billion to dividend payments in 2010. That works out to nearly $15.3 million more in payments -- per company. That amount could boost your dividend income by 20%...30%...even 50% per year.

But here's the thing...32% of those increased payouts, or $8 billion, came in just the last three months of the year! That's why I say the Dividend Bull Market is just getting started...

With corporate cash levels at record levels, the rising dividend trend is the #1 wealth-building trend for 2011 and beyond.

Clearly, it's the perfect time for you to increase your dividend income. But you'll be astounded to learn just how much more income you could be making from the rising dividend trend...

The Secret to Doubling or Tripling -- Your Dividend Income

A few years ago, acclaimed investor and researcher Robert Arnott conducted one of the most comprehensive market research projects ever. He compiled stock market data for 200 years (1802-2002) to see what the best way to profit was.

And what he found was amazing -- and potentially profitable for you...

Only 8% of stock market gains come from rising valuations. 73% of investment returns from the stock market have come from dividends!

High Yield Wealth
With High Yield Wealth, you'll be cashing in on the 73% of investment gains that most investors miss!

Most investors believe that the point of investing is to buy stocks that move higher. But as this study clearly shows, the real secret to stock market wealth is to buy stocks whose dividends will rise.

Let me show you what I mean...

Here's a table that shows the change in dividend payout for 4 well-known companies over a 10-year span:

Company Ticker 1998 Dividend/Share 2011 Dividend/Share Current Yield
Procter & Gamble Co. PG $0.51 $1.93 3.1%
Johnson & Johnson JNJ $0.49 $2.16 3.6%
3M Co. MMM $1.10 $2.10 2.4%
McDonald's Corp MCD $0.18 $2.44 3.3%

As you can see, on a percentage basis, the dividend yields these companies pay aren't huge. They're all in the 2.8% -- 3.3% range. But just look at how these dividends have grown over the years!

Johnson & Johnson has raised its dividend from $0.49 to $2.16. That's a 340% increase!

And look at McDonald's. $0.18 to $2.44. That's an amazing 1,255% increase in the cash its shareholders receive!

Now I hope you're starting to see why it's possible to get so excited about dividend investing! Dividend income is the only true path to stock market wealth for you and for the generations that follow you.

And I'm prepared to give you the details on top companies that are poised to grow their stock price AND their dividend.

The Best 10%+ Dividend Stock
You'll Ever Own

Tax Codes Favor the Income Investor

As if setting up a never-ending income stream to provide for you and generations of your family to come wasn't enough, the fact is Uncle Sam wants you to grow your wealth with dividends. That's why Congress — in a moved that enjoyed bipartisan support — just voted to keep dividend tax rates at an amazingly 15% tax rate.

If you bought a stock, and it jumped 20% in a few months and you took your profits, you'd owe as much as 35% of that profit to the government. All of a sudden that 20% gain is more like 13%.

And if the next stock you buy is a loser, well, your nest egg isn't exactly growing very fast.

"A stock dividend is something tangible – it's not an earnings projection; it's something solid, in hand. A stock dividend is a true return on the investment. Everything else is hope and speculation."
– Richard Russell

Why go through the headache of capital gains (and losses), heavy taxes, and sleepless nights when you can grow your wealth easily and steadily with top-rated dividend stocks?
And right now, you can get the in-depth research on top dividend stocks -- the kind of income stock that will assure you significant wealth-building returns...

I recently uncovered a rock steady telecom stock that pays a sweet 10.8% dividend. That's 10.8% a year, every year. Telecoms are always considered reliable income generators. But wait till you hear this:

This little income beauty didn't start paying dividends until 2007, when many companies were already slashing their dividends as share prices plummeted...

Sounds like bad timing, right? Wrong!

Well, while most stocks -- and dividends -- plummeted in 2008, this stock rallied through most of the financial crisis. And it's actually raised its dividend the entire time -- by an amazing 39% since 2007!

(Needless to say, it passed my rigorous dividend screening criteria with flying colors! I can't wait for my readers to start growing their wealth with this stock...)

Because as good as this company did when most others were falling apart in 2007 and 2008...as much money as it's given back to its shareholders...just imagine what this stock can do when economic times are actually good!

I think another 39% dividend boost (to a Treasury-crushing 14.2%!) will be coming shortly . And the stock might jump another 82%, too...

High Yield Wealth

High Yield Wealth: Our top-rated 10.8% dividend stock is up 82% since 2007.

That's right...this top-paying income stock is also one of the few that's significantly higher than it was in 2007!

Really, I can't wait for you to see it.

And you'll get the full profile on page 3 in your Free Special Report of The Best 10%+ Dividend Stock You'll Ever Own.
High Yield Wealth
Plus--there are two more outstanding and undiscovered income opportunities that pay 8.6% and 7%! They're yours, too...

But that's nowhere near all you can expect with The Best 10%+ Dividend Stock You'll Ever Own...

Wait till you read about the

Secret Manhattan Bank Paying 8.6%

Most bank accounts yield a laughable 1.25% - if you're lucky.

It might sound old fashioned, but this bank has one simple, straightforward formula: borrow low + lend high = huge dividend for you.

They don't mess around with high leverage, risky mortgages or any other new-fangled tricks.

And their simplistic, "old" way of banking has brought them a large degree of success.

How much? Well, they currently have a 152% profit margin. That means --for every $10 they lend out -- they get over $25 back. That's part of the reason why they're able to pay out such high yields.

But the real secret to this bank's success...the reason this incredible 8.6% payout is almost certain to rise in the years ahead...

This dynamic bank is aggressively taking small-business lending away from bigger banks.

"The decline in [conventional] bank credit to small businesses during the Great Recession is so large that it's unlikely to return to prerecession levels for many years."
 -- Bloomberg, January 2011

The latest data from the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) shows that the number of small business loans from mainstream banks is down a business-crushing 69% from its peak on 2007.

And the dollar amount lent by banks is also down 47%, or $64.6 billion.

More Income, Safer Stocks?
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Free Special Report:
The Best 10%+ Dividend Stock You'll Ever Own

High Yield WealthClearly, there's a huge opportunity for small business lenders like this 8.6% income gem to grow their earnings...and their cash payouts to investors like you.

(And so you know, this lender is expected to grow earnings 18% in 2011. That's why this 8.6% dividend could easily be 12% a year from now!)

But that's not the only thing you'll want to know about this amazing income opportunity.

The fact is, this small business lender actually has stricter regulations than mainstream banks do. That means your investment is even safer than with the likes of Bank of America and Citigroup!

What's more, this company didn't take a dime of bailout funds. It didn't have to raise additional capital by selling assets, either.

A huge dividend payment that's likely to rise? More safety than a mainstream bank investment? That's right, and the details are yours Free in The Best 10%+ Dividend Stock You'll Ever Own.

You can have your copy of this fortune-building Special Report in your hands today...in the next few minutes...and get started securing your financial freedom today...

High Yield Wealth: Your #1 Source for the SAFEST Dividends

High Yield Wealth

I'm Ian Wyatt, founder and investment strategist for Wyatt Investment Research. I'm no stranger to income investing. For nearly a decade, I've lead my thousands of my loyal readers to some of the stock market's sweetest dividends. We've locked in like 7.8% and 6% annual cash payouts.

They demanded I start the High Yield Wealth investment advisory service and focus my profitable insights on more fortune-building income stocks.

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And I'm not one to disappoint with my profitable investment research.

So now I'm focusing my tried and true, market beating research and wealth-building savvy on uncovering the stock markets' top performing income investments.

And I'll be sharing the very best income investments and strategies for growing your wealth with you in the High Yield Wealth income investment advisory service.

Now, you're going to love the ultra-safe income stream you'll get from the top-notch income stocks you read about every month in High Yield Wealth.

But the first thing you'll want to do after joining is check  your Free Special Report: The Best 10%+ Dividend Stock You'll Ever Own and get the details on the Secret Manhattan Bank paying 8.6% and the remarkable telecom that pays 10.6% -- PLUS, one other stock paying a rock-solid 7%.

With cash dividend payouts on the rise, this is the best time secure your  financial future.

How to Build Your Own
"Lock Box" Income Portfolio

Right now, at the beginning of this Great Dividend Bull Market, you can build a lock box income portfolio with many of the best-known, steady income stocks, and set yourself up with growing dividends -- and growing share prices -- for years to come.

And once you set up your own lock box income stream, you won't have to do a thing! You'll get steadily rising wealth -- and these investments are guaranteed not to keep you up at night...

In  your 2nd FREE Special Report Three High-Yield ETFs: Diversify Your Income with These Investments, I'll tell you about 3 exchange traded funds (ETFs) that can be the cornerstone of a safe and growing income portfolio.

There's nothing fancy about a high-yield ETF. It's just that these ETFs pay a dividend  -- and you get to keep it!

In the pages of Three High-Yield ETFs: Diversify Your Income with These Investments, you'll discover:

  • This ultra-stable ETF pays 4%. But you could also make an additional 31% as this fund moves back to pre-crisis levels. You'll get the complete analysis of this reliable money-maker on page 7...
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  • It's no secret that emerging markets will be top-performing economies for years to come. But now, you can finally get low-risk profits from high-growth countries like Indonesia, Viet Nam and Turkey...all without the hassle of having to buy stocks on their exchanges. You'll get the money-making analysis on this emerging market bond ETF that pays nearly 6% on page 13...

Starting today, you can build your own "Lock Box" income portfolio with the blockbuster Special Reports Three High-Yield ETFs: Diversify Your Income with These Investments and The Best 10%+ Dividend Stock You'll Ever Own...

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P.S. Albert Einstein once said that "the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest".

How powerful?

Research shows that an investment plan that includes dividend re-investment will outperform a traditional investment plan by nearly 50%! And since we know that dividends account for 73% of investment returns then we know this is the place to invest.