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Welcome to High Yield Wealth, our premier subscription newsletter for serious income investors.


The High Yield Wealth mandate is to provide you the best investment opportunities from the publicly traded, income universe. These include dividend-growth stocks, master limited partnerships, dividend-paying foreign stocks, closed-end funds, REITs, variable-rate debt, emerging-market debt, preferred stocks, and special situations.


In short, we provide you with in-depth research across a wide range of investments. You'll notice that the High Yield Wealth portfolio provides a selection of investments – diversified by sector, investment type, and geography – so you can construct a high-yield, low-risk portfolio that best satisfies your income needs. 


What We're About


But High Yield Wealth is more than yield-income. Like the name suggests, it's also about wealth accumulation. 


To be sure, our goal is to provide you the best income opportunities, but we also want to provide you the best entry point, because price is synonymous with value.  When you invest with High Yield Wealth, not only will you be investing for superior income, you'll be investing for maximum price-appreciation potential, too.  Superior income combined with investments priced for appreciation leads to superior wealth accumulation over time.


In other words, High Yield Wealth is as much a wealth service as it is an income service. 


Balance is key, and really the modus of our service. We assure you that you won't find a portfolio of nothing but dividend energy stocks, MLPs, or dividend-growth just to impress you with high yield numbers. Safety matters, and is enhanced by diversification. The High Yield Wealth portfolio is (and always will be) properly diversified. No geography, sector, or investment type is over weighted. This makes the High Yield Wealth portfolio immune from a devastating sell-off in any one segment.  We go to great lengths to ensure investment risk is properly aligned with investment reward. 


What to Expect Every Month


As an active subscriber each month, you'll receive an in-depth report featuring an actionable investment recommendation, delivered via e-mail, the first Monday of each month. (All research reports can also be downloaded as a PDF file,) The recommendation is our best value income-investment for the month. Each investment is picked to provide you with superior income and price-appreciation potential. Just as important, each pick also complements and enhances the risk characteristics of the High Yield Wealth portfolio. After all, no investor buys only one investment; therefore, every investment must be vetted through a portfolio perspective.  Investments must fit like pieces in a puzzle. 

Here's a sampling of the investments our subscribers have been able to take advantage of:

  • Textainer Group Holdings (NYSE: TGH) (6% yield, 30% total return)

  • Natural Resource Partners (NYE: NRP) (9.9% yield, 12% total return)

  • Medallion Financial (NASDAQ: TAXI) (8.2% yield, 46% total return)

  • Mercury General (NYSE: MCY) (6.5% yield, 18% total return)

  • Gladstone Commercial Corp. (NASDAQ: GOOD) (8.4% yield, 15% total return)

  • Nuveen Quality Preferred Income Fund II (NYSE: JPS) (7.7% yield, 12% total return). 

In addition to the monthly recommendation, you'll receive in-depth mid-month updates the third Monday each month. Updates focus and explicate current market conditions and their impact on High Yield Wealth recommendations.  The updates also inform you of any changes in recommendations and any extraordinary news or price action.


The mid-month update keeps you up to date and informed on the status of the High Yield Wealth portfolio.  Of course, if any pressing or especially newsworthy items arise that we believe require immediate action on your part, you'll receive an alert via e-mail. 


Wealth-Generating Research


Throughout the year, subscribers receive numerous special research reports and analysis that delve into unique investment opportunities that play on current market themes. In the past, we've featured special reports that offer strategies that can increase the income on High Yield Wealth recommendations by 50% to a 100%. Other special reports have expounded on strategies to tax-efficiently manage your income stream, the wealth-accumulation strategies of the Rockefellers and DuPonts, unreported special dividends that increase your income 10-fold, and buying shares without a broker. 


You also have access to a unique portfolio calendar that provides the ex-dividend and payout dates for each investment recommendation in the High Yield Wealth portfolio, so you'll know when you need to buy and when income will flow your way. 


These invaluable investment insights, strategies, and tools are further enhanced by educational videos, webinars, and teleconference.  High Yield Wealth is not only about providing you the best income investment opportunities, its about making you a smarter, more-informed investor. 


Getting Started


We know getting started can be the hardest part; we also know that many investors lack the funds to invest in all the High Yield Wealth recommendations (or they simply want to use High Yield Wealth to carve out an income segment in their own portfolio). Therefore, we offer a diversified “Starter Portfolio.” We've taken 12 High Yield Wealth recommendations that we believe offer the greatest value and income potential in the current market. 


The “Starter Portfolio” takes the angst out of getting started, and gets you moving along the road to High Yield Wealth investing. Start there, then you can add each new monthly recommendation to your portfolio and look at the archives to read reports on current other recommendations that meet your income and wealth-building needs. 


Our Website


Subscribers have access our services and benefits 24/7 at HighYieldWealth.com.  Simply log on with your user name and password.  We've made our Website intuitive and easy to navigate with a few simple tabs. 


At the “Issues” tab you'll find all the in-depth monthly research and recommendations, along with the mid-month updates.  Here, you can find the latest research report on the current recommended, the research report on our first recommendation, and all the reports and updates in between. 


At the “Portfolio” tab, you'll find the status – buy, hold, or sell – of the High Yield Wealth recommendations. You'll find how much income each recommendation has distributed since it was first recommendations.  We've also find each investment's current yield, its cost-basis yield, its current price, and its total return. All this information is right there for you to peruse in an easy-to-read table (which is updated every Monday). 


The “Special Reports” tab takes you to all the special investing situations and strategies not included in the monthly newsletter or the updates.   I mentioned a few of the special-report themes above. There are many more, all of which offer you the opportunity to take advantage of little-know strategies and special income and wealth-generation situations. 


Contact Us


We are also readily available to address any issues or answer questions pertaining to your subscription. You can email us at customerservice@highyieldwealth.com or call (866) 447-8625. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern Time. If you email or call outside of these hours, we will be sure to contact you the following business day. (Please keep in mind, though, that we can't offer specific individual investment advice.) 


Thank you for subscribing to High Yield Wealth, and congratulations on taking the first step to a profitable journey. 

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. So let's take a look at everything you'll receive, when you start your subscription to High Yield Wealth:

  • 12 months of High Yield Wealth filled with in-depth research on new dividend investment recommendations including price targets and detailed projections on how much money I can expect to make.

  • Timely buy and sell alerts delivered directly to my inbox, so I don't miss any moves or income opportunities.

  • Portfolio updates sent on the third Monday of every month containing the latest news on recommendations and a full portfolio review.

  • LIVE customer service during regular business hours and 24/7 access to the subscribers-only High Yield Wealth website.


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